Frequently Asked Questions

- FAQs from Our Employees
- FAQs from Our Clients

FAQS from Our Employees

Q. Are there a minimum number of weekends or holidays that I will need to work?
A. There are no minimum weekend or holiday requirements while working for Shore Nurses. You can create your own schedule based on your availability to work.
Q. How often do we get paid?
A. Shore Nurses receive a weekly paycheck every Thursday. Direct deposit is available.
Q. Will I receive an initial orientation?
A. At Shore Nurses you will receive three days paid orientation. One day will be in the classroom, and two days will be on the clinical units. Education is on-going with our interactive web-based learning system.
Q. How much clinical experience do I need to become a Shore Nurse?
A. We encourage applicants to have a minimum of one year experience working in an acute/ sub-acute care setting. Obtaining IV and CPR certification is strongly recommended. Applicants must demonstrate strong critical thinking skills by taking an examination and be able to work independently in a variety of clinical settings.

FAQS from Our Clients

Q. What type of contractual agreement is required between the facility and Shore Nurses?
A. Our clients sign an agreement that stipulates temporary staffing services will be provided by Shore Nurses Incorporated (SNI). The agreement further defines the obligations of both SNI and the facility, billing and payment, insurance, and indemnification.
Q. What is SNI’s cancellation policy?
A. SNI requests that any cancellations of confirmed scheduled services be made at least two hours in advance of scheduled start time of service. Failure to cancel services as described shall result in billing for a minimum of four hours of service.
Q. Will I have continuity of staff from Shore Nurses?
A. At Shore Nurses we personally work with our clients to design a custom package of staffing services. We specialize in daily, weekly, or flexible staffing. We endeavor to provide continuity for our clients which best meets our customers’ needs. Our mission is to partner efficiently with the facilities we contract with to ensure that optimal staffing solutions are maximized.
Q. How can I most efficiently schedule for staff through Shore Nurses?
A. Current clients of SNI can request staffing by completing the on-line form for anticipated needs two or more days in advance. For immediate or emergency staffing needs, clients can contact our office during regular business hours. Shore Nurses has a twenty four hour response system that can be accessed after hours and on holidays.